Our Approach

With an estimated 2MILLION Canadian Cannabis users, our  mission is to connect and engage the growing cannabis community.

CANNABIS FRIENDLY curates and lists CANNABIS FRIENDLY establishments in our digital community; providing our users with realtime access to available services and information.

Our community is free from discrimination providing a safe inclusive space for the cannabis community to engage.

We offer low cost services to connect you to our growing cannabis community.

Our Story

Cannabis Friendly Canada is a project that was funded and developed by TEN7TEEN Cannabis (division of WeEmploy).

TEN7TEEN was formed by Steve Mix, CEO of WeEmploy Inc. and four Partners to focus on the growing Cannabis sector.

TEN7TEEN provides a full range of services to invest in, support and sustain growth in the Cannabis Sector.

CONTACT US to join our community...

Our goal is to bring the Cannabis community together. Contact us to learn more about how your can register your Establishment/Service in our community.